'Consultation Document', 'EC842-2006.pdf' => 'EC842 2006', 'FGG-Regs-2009.pdf' => 'FGG Regs 2009', 'file29106.pdf' => 'File 29106', 'summary-responses_Feb09.pdf' => 'Summary Responses Feb 09'); ?> R22 Refrigerant Unit Regulations - Environmental Cooling Services

R22 Refrigerant Phase Out

After many years of widespread use, the R22 refrigerant used in air-conditioning and refrigeration units is being phased out as it contributes to environmental damage due to is ozone depleting gas.

The use of HCFC’s (including R22) in new refrigeration systems was banned between 2000 and 2004.

Further clauses in the regulation effect the use of existing HCFC (R22) systems:

  • Use of virgin HCFC's (including R22) for maintenance will be banned from December 31st 2009
  • Use of recycled HCFC’s (including R22) will be banned from December 31st 2014
  • Operators of HCFC refrigeration systems must take all precautionary measures practicable to prevent leakages. Any system containing more that 3kgs of HCFC's (including R22) refrigerant must be checked annually for leakage, by suitable qualified personnel. Any HCFC’s (including R22) refrigerant removed from a system during maintenance or at end of life must be properly recovered for reuse, recycling or destruction.

It is important the R22 users begin to plan for the phase out of R22.

There is now little time available before the December 2009 phase out deadline.

It is dangerous to rely on the 2014 phase out date for recycled R22 as virgin R22 will not be available after 31st December 2009, there is no guarantee that sufficient supplies of recycled r22 will be available.

Start planning for a HCFC's (includingR22) phase out now

This will ensure you have time to consider the most appropriate options and therefore will be able to minimise the cost implications.

It will also give you time to budget for any investment required.

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