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Data Centre & Server Rooms

At Environmental Cooling Services we understand that your data centre / server room is the very core of your business and that if equipment fails your business could grind to a halt, causing substantial loss of data, time, and money.

Server rooms, Data suites, and UPS rooms, play a vital role in company operations and they need to operate efficiently and with reliability at all times. Their ability to do this is affected dramatically by the temperature of the environment around them. The array of electronic equipment installed in these rooms creates high levels of heat; therefore well designed installed and maintained air conditioning systems are an essential requirement for server, telecom and computer rooms to run without fail 24/7.

The true cost of reduced equipment reliability can be huge. The solution for both the protection of equipment and comfort of people is the installation of air conditioning.

With many years experience providing cooling solutions for server rooms Environmental Cooling Services will design and develop precision cooling solutions that aligns with your IT objectives, then using our skilled and motivated staff ensure a high quality installation with no operational impact to your equipment or functioning business.

If you have a cooling need for your server room, either expansion, new server room or replacement of old inefficient and unreliable air conditioning we can help and don’t forget we can service and maintain your new or existing air conditioning equipment as well.

No job is too small or too big from single rack office server rooms to large data centres, Environmental Cooling Services offer a no obligation site survey to assess your air-conditioning/heating needs. Our qualified technicians will provide the very best advice on supplying and installing the most efficient system to meet your requirements.