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Leisure and Hospitality Environments

Air-conditioning and climate control in the leisure industry enhances customer experience and therefore customer satisfaction. Additionally the cost savings over conventional climate control are also attractive to the proprietor.

In the luxury hotel market, the concept for guests to have independent temperature control throughout the day and night is a real advantage and has recently come to be expected.

A growing number of restaurants, pubs, night clubs and gyms in recent times have made the decision to install air-conditioning to enhance the overall customer experience, and these venues now have a competitive edge in what is an extremely competitive industry.

So whether your business is a luxury hotel or a bed and breakfast, a pub or a night club, a spa or gym, a restaurant or a café, Environmental Cooling Services can offer a no obligation site survey to asses your air-conditioning and heating needs.

Our qualified technicians will provide the very best advice on supplying and installing the most efficient system to meet your requirements.