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Domestic - Cool Heat at Home?

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Air-conditioning in the home is steadily becoming a popular choice as it has vast benefits over standard central heating systems. Air-conditioning systems are much more energy efficient, therefore energy bills are a little easier on the pocket.

How cool would it be in the hottest of summer months to be able to regulate the indoor temperature, so that bedrooms are kept cool for a nice comfortable sleep?

Our customers enjoy the benefit of having only to heat rooms during the winter months as and when needed, putting you in control of your environment and in control of your heating bills.

The Air source heat pump designed and manufactured by Daikin Altherma is THE energy efficient home heating system that works from a drop in replacement of your old boiler. This state of the art system satisfies your heating and sanitary hot water needs all year round. The best bit is that the ALTHERMA is 3-5 times more energy efficient than conventional heating as ¾ of it’s heat is generated from the air around us, and therefore free of charge!

So whether you are looking at revamping your current heating system for the whole house or are looking for a unit that will just keep your bedroom or of course that sunny conservatory cool, we would be only too happy to discuss your options and recommend what is suitable from the vast options available from all the leading manufactures.

We offer a no obligation site survey by one of our qualified technicians and our installation team are skilled efficient professionals who have experience working in both domestic and commercial settings.

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