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Air Conditioning Systems for Office, Conference & Meeting Rooms in Dorset Wiltshire & Somerset

We have been designing, installing and maintaining air-conditioning in offices, meeting rooms and conference suites for a number of years. Our clients have verified the results to be a successful means of ensuring a stable comfortable environment for their employees and customers with the added advantages of financial and health benefits for all involved.

The right environment at work is crucial, for both your customers and your employees. We can help you create perfect conditions where people feel comfortable, which in turn promotes productivity. We may also be able to help you save money through clever design and correct selection of equipment.

There are tax benefits available via the Government Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme which offers 100% tax relief.

Environmental Cooling Services can provide a no obligation full site survey by one of our qualified skilled technicians to advise and discuss on the right air-conditioning system installation to meet your business needs.