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Educational Settings - Nurseries, Schools, Colleges, Universities

Schools, Colleges and Universities must make reasonable steps to ensure that the desirable optimum indoor temperature ranges between 18-24 degrees. Regulated temperature controlled classrooms promote a comfortable environment for learners and therefore aids efficient learning and development.

More schools and colleges than ever are installing air-conditioning throughout their classrooms and sports centres and are discovering not only the advantage directly to their students but also the environmental and financial benefit of temperature control.

There is now an ever growing number of purpose built Day Nurseries who are choosing air-conditioning as a means of heating and cooling their environment for the comfort of babies and children’s rest times and active busy play times.

Air-conditioning in these educational settings also offers health benefits throughout the summer months as air-conditioning cleanses impurities from the air, helping with the relief of hay fever and asthma, a common complaint in many children and teenagers.

Environmental Cooling Services will provide a no obligation site survey by one our qualified technicians to ensure your educational facility has the most efficient heating and cooling system to meet your requirements.

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